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Course Overview:​Course Overview:
Film 12 students will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that directors face. Students write, produce, direct and edit their own films.


About Independent Studies in Media

This portal site is for students pursuing an independent study in Film.  Planning documents, resources, links, and other course material may be found in this site.

About Independent Study:
The Ministry of Education states that: "Independent Directed Studies allow students to initiate, develop and complete their own courses under the supervision of a teacher." ​

The important point to be made here is that this course is for film students who are highly motivated to learn more about Film, Photography, Animation, Game Design or another approved media program beyond what is taught in the established media classes.  Students interested in IDS in Media must take the initiative in creating their focus of study.  This portal site will be used to help support such initiatives.

Please Note: you must have teacher permission to take this course!​

Getting Started

​To get started, go to the Focus Document Help page and follow the on screen instructions. 

Course Requirements

Students taking IDS design their own curriculum and schedule. However, there are certain requirements that all IDS students must fulfill. Please include these requirements in your Course Focus Document:

  • All other media classes must have a Final Project involved in the IDS.

  • An agreed upon number of projects (Film projects must correspond with the due states scheduled on the Film 12 Course Content Page)

  • Film: may choose to do 3 films if one of them is Long Form (over 10 minutes), otherwise they do 4.

  • ​*NEW: ALL IDS Film students must collect a minimum of 7 IDS Film Badges.

  • Game Design or Animation students typically complete one game or animation.

  • Photography students work on a number of projects (6 to 8).

  • Assignments, tasks, exercises that you make you better as a media creator in your chosen course Focus.


Course Evaluation:

  • Your mark in IDS is based on the following percentage breakdown:

  • 20% of your mark will go toward a select number of assignments and your final portfolio. 

  • 80% of your mark will come from your projects. IDS film students need to complete 4 films. 

  • **IDS Film students will need to collect a certain number of film badges for their final evaluation.


All Media created on school property, and all footage used for school projects must be appropriate for school showing/use.
Inappropriate material includes:

  • promoting drugs or alcohol

  • containing course language

  • violent scenes

  • racial slurs or attacks

  • sexually suggestive scenes

  • revealing illegal activities

Inappropriate media* will result in:

  • immediate zero on project

  • prohibition from equipment use

  • possible administrative action

Signed consent must be obtained before filming/recording any individual.
Students must obey copyright laws.
*Content decisions are at the discretion of the Media teacher


Please complete the Getting To Know You Assignment at the beginning of this course.


You'll be tracking your progress in this course using a site called Simplegradebook. Use the Simplegradebook Tutorial to create your account and get connected.

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