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Photo Shoot

​What to Expect:
Students in Photo 11 and 12 sign up to take photos of one of our school sports teams. This is a great opportunity for students to practice real world photography and even get published! Photo 10 students can volunteer to shoot for extra credit.



Let your instructor know what game you would like to shoot. Make sure you sign out your camera, add a telephoto lens and a spare battery. While shooting consider: move around the court/field to get better angles and follow the play. Using the telephoto lens get tight to the action. Fill the frame of the players. Try and get a great collection of various photos. You need a minimum of 40 photos. You do not need to stay for the whole game. 

Photo Ops:

  1. Tuesday, Sept. 19, 3:30pm on Turf field: Sr. Boys Soccer - Brooke Hamilton, Danika Learnmonth

  2. Tuesday, Sept. 26, 3:30pm on Turf field: Girls Field Hockey vs Charles Best - Alexya Sobh Avelar

  3. Tuesday, Oct. 3, 5:15pm in Gym: Sr. Girls Volleyball vs Maple Ridge - Hayfaa Sami, Luisa Jane Balladolid

  4. Wednesday, Oct 4, 3:30pm on Turf: Jr. Boys Soccer - Tegan Goll, Sophia Stefani - TOO FEW PHOTOS

  5. Thursday, Oct 5, 3:30pm on Turf: Sr. Boys Soccer - Frances Lin, Yeva Pustovit

  6. Friday, Oct. 6 [and other dates] at pool: Swim Team - Elsie Strachan

  7. Thursday, Oct 12, 5:15pm in Gym: Sr Boys Volleyball - Jaila Miles Law, Jenna Grisewood, Yeva Pustovit

  8. Monday, Oct 16, 3:30 on Turf: Jr Boys Soccer - Elizabeth Hamilton, Micah Lampa, Anna Zikmundova

  9. Wednesday, Oct 18, 3:30pm at Mundy Park: Cross Country Team - Mr. Schoenhals

  10. Wednesday, Oct 18, 3:30pm on Turf: Jr Boys Soccer vs ACRSS - STUDENT NAMES

  11. Thursday, Oct. 19, 4:00pm in Gym Gr. 9 Girls Volleyball vs Heritage Woods - STUDENT NAMES

  12. Monday, Oct. 23, 5:15pm in Gym: Jr. Boys Volleyball vs  Best - Mathea Popa, Anna Manship 

  13. Monday, Oct. 23, 7:30pm in Gym: Jr. Girls Volleyball vs Best - Rhiannon Sirkia, Maddy Mullan

  14. Wednesday, Oct 25, 3:30 on Turf: Jr Boys Soccer vs Tiebreakers -STUDENT NAMES

  15. Wednesday, Jan 10, 3:30 on Turf: Lacrosse vs Mission - Student Names

  16. Wednesday, Jan 10, 3:30 in Gym: Gr. 9 Boys vs Fox - Student Names

  17. Wednesday, Jan 10, 5:15 in Gym: Jr. Girls vs Fox - Student Names

  18. Wednesday, Jan 10, 7:15 in Gym: Jr. Boys vs Fox - Student Names

  19. Thursday, February 1, 5:15 in Gym: Sr. Girls vs Maple Ridge - Student Names

  20. Thursday, February 1, 7:15 in Gym: Sr. Boys vs Fox - Student Names

  21. DAY OF THE WEEK, DATE, TIME on LOCATION: Team - Student Names

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