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3D Game Design 12


3D Game Design is a hands-on experience on how to create your own 3D game. Participating students will be given the knowledge and training in modeling, animating, and designing their own 3D Game. 3D Game Design 12 allows


students to explore any game design platform and/or genre.  This course is self paced and may be taken on its own or in conjunction with Computer Programming 12 for coding. Course materials are provided online. Software includes the popular game design suite “Unity” and “Blender” is used for 3D modeling.



Principles of Game Design is a ‘how to’ course designed to teach you the fundamental philosophies of game design and apply them in a hands-on manner using a step-by-step process that develops your ‘game design muscles.’ The tips, tools, and techniques taught in this course exist to provide the practical resources needed for your game design muse to find its manifest expression. In addition, the information this course provides is a grounded study for any real life application where inspiration must combine with perspiration to create a marketable product of art, craft, and science (all of which apply to making games).

Learning Environment:

This course is meant for students who are motivated to learn about 3D Game Design and just need the structures and schedule to follow this passion. The course has a high emphasis on independent work using the school portal as a platform for learning as well as occasional seminars to introduce topics and techniques.

Course Topics:

​The units of study are:

  • Introduction of 3D Game Design & Planning

  • Modeling for Game Design

  • Unwrapping and Texturing

  • Rigging Characters

  • Animation for 3D Game Sprites

  • Level Design

  • Introduction to Scripting and Programming

  • Publishing a 3D Game

Required Supplies:

The portal will contain most of the electronic supplies needed for the course. Students are welcome to utilize Unity’s Assets Store for free and for-purchase resources. Fees for in-store-purchases must be incurred by interested students.

An optional textbook may be useful:
Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourelf  by Ben Tristem



All Media created on school property, and all footage used for school projects must be appropriate for school showing/use.

Inappropriate material includes:

  • promoting drugs or alcohol

  • containing course language

  • violent scenes

  • racial slurs or attacks

  • sexually suggestive scenes

  • revealing illegal activities

Inappropriate media* will result in:

  • immediate zero on project

  • prohibition from equipment use

  • possible administrative action

  • Signed consent must be obtained before filming/recording any individual.

* Students must obey copyright laws.
**Content decisions are at the discretion of the Media teacher


Please complete the Getting To Know You Assignment at the beginning of this course.


You'll be tracking your progress in this course using a site called Simplegradebook. Use the Simplegradebook Tutorial to create your account and get connected.

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