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Film badges are earned for extending your filmmaking beyond just classroom projects/assignments. The badge component for Film 12 encourages student filmmakers to expand on their learning and experience in the filmmaking.


​​​All iFilm and Film 12 students must collect a minimum of 7 badges prior to finishing the course. Badges are given at the discretion of your teacher. To receive your badge (after qualifying) please submit an Evaluation Form Entry​ on the iFilm Handin page. Students in iFilm display their badges (digital) on their front page of their Filmography Site (anywhere).

Here is the list of Badges currently available for iFilm:


  • ​Primed Filmmaker ​- All prerequisites completed before the start of the first film project.

  • ​Festival Submitter - ​Filmmaker has successfully entered a Film Festival.

  • Festival Competitor - ​Filmmaker has successfully created a film for a competition.

  • ​Acting Chops - ​Play a significant Acting Roll in a film (lead or supporting roll).

  • ​Helping Hand - ​Helps out on another student's Film.

​ ​

  • ​Blockbuster Producer ​- Organizes a production involving 15 or more cast and crew.

  • ​Film For All ​- Submit a film for another class project or assignment.

  • ​Drone Operator -​Earn certification for Drone Operation.

  • ​Media Specialist - ​Incorporate Visual Effects and/or Animation into a film.

  • ​Festival Winner - ​Wins an award at a film festival.

  • ​Multi-Talented Filmmaker - Fills the roll of at least 3 different crew positions in 3 or more films.

  • ​Call-Of-Duty - ​Helps organize a Film related function.

  • *NEW Film Critic - write a minimum of 5 reviews of movies or shows and publish them to your EduBlog to earn the Film Critic badge.

​ ​

  • ​Film Warrior - ​Completes 5 or more films in a semester.

  • ​Drone Jedi - ​Instruct another Drone Operator who becomes certified.

  • ​VE Guru - ​Completes an outstanding film using visual effects and or animation.

  • ​Best in Show - ​Win Top Film in a film festival.

  • ​Chronic Award Winner ​Win - more than 1 award for filmmaking.

​ ​

  • ​Film Auteur - ​Win top filmmaker of the year at a Film Festival.

  • ​TV Producer - ​Have your film shown on television.​

Apply For A Badge

To apply for a badge, fill out the form below. Make sure you include how you qualify for the badge. That is, what is it that you have completed that qualifies for any particular badge. Please use your school email address.

Apply for your badge here. Once approved, your badge will be emailed to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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