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Film 11

Film 11 Course Overview:

Film and Television 11 and 12 provides opportunities for you as the student to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you’ll need to respond to and create film and television works. In Film and Television 11 and 12, you gain practical experience in some of the major areas of the


industry, including acting, scriptwriting, and production. This experience introduces students to the standards of the film and television industry. Students also examine the important roles that film and television play in society. As you explore and critically analyze the industry within various social, cultural, and historical contexts, you gain understanding of how these contexts influence and are influenced by film and television works.

Important Links, Dates & Announcements:


(Optional) Developing Digital Short Films by Sherri Sheridan available at Amazon.

Units of Study

Unit #1 – Introduction to film

  • History of film

  • Roles in filmmaking (Careers)

  • Storyboarding, pitch and conceptualizing film

  • Basic camera operation and equipment safety

  • Basic camera shots (Camera Angle)

  • Basic film process & Editing

  • Juxtaposition & Metaphor in Film

  • Project: The Montage

Unit #2 – The film Process

  • Script Writing

  • Acting In Film

  • Story Structure of Narrative

  • Sound Track

  • Project: Dialogue film (One location)

Unit #3 – Film Lighting and Action

  • Advanced camera moves

  • Set etiquette

  • Style and Lighting in film

  • Film Action & Genres

Unit #4 – The full Nanaimo

  • Composition in film

  • Final Project: 5 to 10 minute Narrative film


  • Quizzes and short assignments are worth 30%.

  • Projects are worth 60%

  • Filmography Site & Participation 10%


All Media created on school property, and all footage used for school projects must be appropriate for school showing/use.

Inappropriate material includes:

  • promoting drugs or alcohol

  • containing course language

  • violent scenes

  • racial slurs or attacks

  • sexually suggestive scenes

  • revealing illegal activities

Inappropriate media* will result in:

  • immediate zero on project

  • prohibition from equipment use

  • possible administrative action

  • Signed consent must be obtained before filming/recording any individual.

* Students must obey copyright laws.
**Content decisions are at the discretion of the Media teacher


Please complete the Getting To Know You Assignment at the beginning of this course.


You'll be tracking your progress in this course using a site called Simplegradebook. Use the Simplegradebook Tutorial to create your account and get connected.

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