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Unit 2

​What to Expect:
Photography is essential to the success of the yearbook.  This unit will cover the basics of photography and get you ready to start capturing the school year.


1. Camera Parts - Individual Assignment

​Learn the important parts for shooting on a Nikon Camera​ by completing the Camera Parts Assignment found on the Network Drive: Public/Schoenhals/Quizzes. Try completing as much as you can without looking up each part. Then, take a look at the Nikon Manual to finish the rest. 

2. Camera Safety and Procedural Presentation

​Camera safety is paramount to continuing to offer Photography at Riverside. In this presentation, you will learn the procedures for borrowing a school camera and how to use it safely. After this presentation, there is a Safety Procedures Test that you must attain at least 80% in order to borrow a camera. Any questions you get wrong, must be corrected in full answer and handed in. You can review the Procedural Presentation Notes​ prior to completing the quiz. Please Note: You must have handed in your signed Photography Contract prior to  borrowing any equipment.

3. Tech Workshop

Learn the basics of setting up your camera before you do your first photo shoot. In the tech workshop, we will setup the camera and get comfortable with it's settings. You may view the Tech Workshop Notes here.

4. Storytelling Photography

Yearbook photos are most  impactful when they capture a moment rather than have people pose for a picture. Right click on the Storytelling Exercise and save it to your student folder. Finish it and hand it in to the digital hand in folder.

5. Rule of Thirds Assignment

One of the basic photography compositions is the application of the Rule of Thirds. Rule of Thirds helps you decide where to place important subject matter in your frame. Right click and save the Rule of Thirds Online Exercise and save it to your student folder. Complete the exercise and hand it in.  Then read the Rule of Thirds Assignment and apply Rule of Thirds to your own photos.

6. Framing & Filling the Frame Assignment

Another really important aspect of photography is framing. The Rule of Thirds helped you decide where to arrange your subject matter in your photo. Framing and Filling the Frame will help you what to include (and exclude) in your photo. Read the Framing and Filling the Frame Assignment to get started.

7. Photography Scavenger Hunt Project

Time to work on those Yearbook Photo skills! Complete the Photography Scavenger Hunt to win the coveted Yearbook Prize - Respect!

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