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Unit 1

Unit Overview:​

In this unit, you will get to know your fellow staff members, learn the purpose of having a yearbook, evaluate last year's book and come up with the theme for this year's yearbook.

  1. Introduction to Yearbook
    In this lesson we will cover the basic structure of the Yearbook Course. You will tell me a little about yourself in the Who Are You assignment, look at the course syllabus and learn the basic expectations of students in this class.​

  2. ​Functions of a Yearbook
    Functions of a Yearbook: The yearbook serves many functions for its audience. Consider each of these yearbook spreads. For each spread, determine two of the functions it serves (history, reference, public relations and fun) and explain how it performs those functions.

  3. ​Something For Everyone
    Something For Everyone: The yearbook serves many functions for the audience it serves. Work individually or with a partner to list ways we can develop content in this year’s book so it serves all of the proper functions (a picture book, history book, reference book, public relations book and fun book). In other words, what specific photos, facts, figures and story ideas do you have for each category? Look at last year’s book if possible, but you may complete this activity without a yearbook.

  4. Book Critique
    Book Critique: working with a partner, page through last year’s yearbook to generate as many strengths and weaknesses as possible. This is time for objective critical thinking about the book. It is not a personal statement about last year’s staff.

  5. Creating A Book People Want To Buy
    Creating a Book People Want to Buy: with your partner,  think about whether the Yearbook content is marketable. Open the document Creating a Book People Want to Buy and answer the questions within it. Report back to the class.

  6. Introduction to Theme
    Watch the presentation on the introduction to Theme. Use the Theme Key Terms as a reference for unit content.

  7. Page Mock Up
    Now that you know the theme, create a page (sports, event, student life, academic, club) that fits with our theme. You may use any program you wish, final version must be in pdf format.

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