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Unit 2

​What to Expect:
Photo 11 is about using a camera to make art.  Through a large variety of assignments we explore different techniques to make photos more interesting and more artistic.  We also explore how to use photo editing software to enhance photos and create digital art.


1.  Tech Zone

​The Tech Zone Project introduces you to Aperture Control (A) and Shutter Speed (S) modes on your camera. You will use these two modes to develop creative photos and apply the Photoshop Workflow mentioned above.​

Typology is the collection of collections; it's studying the amazing spectrum of variation  based on a shared attribute. To get started, review the Typology Project Outline. For this Project, you will be using poster sizing. Use the Photoshop Workflow for Poster Tutorial to properly size your image. You may find the video tutorial Formatting For Posters helpful with this project.
The Historical Timeline
No one can call themselves a true photographer if they aren't familiar with those who came before them.  In the History of Photography Project, you will create a PowerPoint outlining the Top 20 Key Historical moments of photography.
Historical Photography
Time to demonstrate your knowledge of both photography and history. In the Historical Photo Recreation Project, you will try to recreate a famous photo. Read the project outline for details.


​What to Expect:
In Photo 12, students hone the skills they learned in Photo 11. Projects are divided into 3 general themes, unit 2, in general terms, deals with place or environment.


1. Photoshop Fun

Find 3 tutorials that transform images and are reasonably challenging. Do the tutorials using your own images. Read the Photoshop Fun Project Outline to begin.

2. HDR

HDR allows you to do what has never before been possible in the world of photography - merge 3 photos with different exposures allowing you to create high-contrast images. Review the HDR Project Outline to begin. Here is a Video Tutorial showing how to shoot in HDR mode on a Canon camera and some tips in doing it properly. To combine your images, use the HDR Photoshop Tutorial to merge your separate images into one HDR photo.

3. Colour Triptych

Colour in one of the most powerful tools in a photographer's toolkit. In the Colour Triptych Project, you will create 3 separate images that relate to each other for display. You may need the Triptych Photoshop instructions to help you edit the final version. You may find the video tutorial Formatting For Posters helpful with this project.

4. Landscape Photo Montage (Poster - 18 x 12)

The wide angle of a landscape shot is an interesting challenge for photographers. Making a montage out of it throws an  element of creativity. Read the Landscape Photo Montage Outline to get started.

5. Scrapbook Collage

Photo montage is when we take multiple images and combine them together to form a new image. Review the Scrapbook Collage Project Outline to get started.