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Unit 1

​What to Expect:
Photo 11 is about using a camera to make art.  Through a large variety of assignments we explore different techniques to make photos more interesting and more artistic.  We also explore how to use photo editing software to enhance photos and create digital art.

  1. Camera Parts - Individual Assignment
    ​Learn the important parts for shooting on a Nikon Camera​ by completing the Camera Parts Assignment found on the Network Drive: Public/Schoenhals/Quizzes. Try completing as much as you can without looking up each part. Then, take a look at the Nikon Manual to finish the rest. 

  2. Camera Safety and Procedural Presentation
    ​Camera safety is paramount to continuing to offer Photography at Riverside. In this presentation, you will learn the procedures for borrowing a school camera and how to use it safely. After this presentation, there is a Safety Procedures Test that you must attain at least 80% in order to borrow a camera. Any questions you get wrong, must be corrected in full answer and handed in. You can review the Procedural Presentation Notes​ prior to completing the quiz. Please Note: You must have handed in your signed Photography Contract prior to  borrowing any equipment.

3. Camera Video Setup

Find a short video on Youtube outlining the proper settings for shooting video on the camera of your choice. Review the video with your camera in hand, following the various settings and setup.​

4. Elements & Principles of Art

The elements and principles of art guide a photographer in structuring and designing a photograph. In order to learn about design review the basic definitions of The Elements & Principles of Art.  You can view the instructor's PowerPoint presentation here.

5. Tech Workshop

Learn the basics of setting up your camera before you do your first photo shoot. In the tech workshop, we will setup the camera and get comfortable with it's settings. You may view the Tech Workshop Notes here.

6. Photoshop Workflow

Workflow refers to the order and steps you follow in a task. The Photoshop Workflow​ is a Demo of how to prepare your images for publishing and handing in.​ You can use the Photoshop Workflow Video Tutorial too.

7. Yearbook Photo Shoot

As part of your final evaluation, you will go out and shoot an event, club or sport for this year's Yearbook. You need to submit 20 good quality images for full marks in your evaluation. You can choose to do this with a partner or on your own. If you choose to work with a partner, you must submit 20 pictures each (not combined).

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