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​What to Expect:
As part of all photography courses, photo students create a portfolio of their work prior to finishing the course.



You have worked hard to create photographs that you can be proud of. This is a chance to gather your work in one place in order to share it with others and ensure that you have access to it in the future.


  • Upload at least 1  photograph from each of your assignments to your eduBlog, photo book, or Wix site.

  • Document any challenges you encountered and what you learned


Start by viewing a sample of other Photographers’ Portfolios. Gather all JPG photos together in one folder, "Portfolio", on your OneDrive. For a complete list of projects, please refer back to the appropriate site for your photo course. You may also include any photography assignment as well as any personal photos of your choice.

Portfolio Options

Photography students may choose how they want to display their portfolio. Here are your options:

  • EduBlog: using the school EduBlog, create a page for your portfolio.

  • Photo Book: using Vistapint, you create a book to display your photos. See for more information. Alternatively, you may choose other print options such as a calendar on Vistaprint.

  • Wix Photography Site - you may choose to create a Wix site for your work as a photographer. There are many great templates for photography on Wix.

Photographer's Bio

Create a Bio page to introduce yourself. Include your best photo in this page. The bio should be the first page in your Portfolio. You may wish to include Unit pages for the rest (or some other organization, get creative).  I'm looking for at least one paragraph that may include:

  1. Why did you take this course?

  2. What did you learn in the course?

  3. How do you feel about photography? About your photography?

  4. What was challenging about the course?

  5. What were your favourite assignments?

  6. Which assignments were difficult?

  7. How will you use photography in the future?


Add a Title to each photo. You can start adding Descriptions now or leave that for later. Descriptions are optional for Photo Book Portfolios. This is where the majority of your writing will appear on the website. At least one sentence per image. Some possible things to write about include:

  • Tell us about the picture:

  • What was the assignment? (this should not be sentence #2 for every pic)

  • What did you learn?

  • What was challenging? How did the assignment stretch you?

  • What do you like about the image?

  • What could be improved?


  1. Content – Images (20 marks)
    Features at least 1 image for all Projects.

  2. Content – Written (20 marks)
    A well written bio page and descriptions for each photo project. Photo book portfolios do not need photo descriptors.

  3. Professionalism (10 marks)
    Proper format of images. Easy to read layout. Functional navigation. Include a link to your blog in my digital hand in folder by copying the link to a Word document, name the file Portfolio-YourName and hand it in. For photo book portfolios, talk to your instructor for separate hand in procedures.

  4. Overall (10 marks)
    Overall look and feel of your Photography portfolio.

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