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Cinematography is the art and craft of making motion pictures by capturing a story visually. In this unit, we will explore the basics of filmmaking and editing as you produce several film shorts.

  • Unit Assignments and Project:​

  1. Introduction to Film
    Learn the basics of filmmaking by watching a short film selected by your instructor. Then, open the Introductory Film Questions and answer them in Word.

  2. Harry Potter Scene Analysis
    Watch this Harry Potter Scene and then answer the Harry Potter Questions in a Word Document. Save the document first with your block letter, then Harry Potter, then your name. Eg: C-HarryPotter-Schoenhals.  Take the Harry Potter Quiz and record your score at the bottom of your questions.

  3. Shot Composition & Framing
    Time to take a look at the basics of shot composition and framing.  In this presentation, your instructor will provide you with the basics of how to compose your shot.  The Basic Film Composition Handouts are available for you to review.  Once you have seen the presentation, complete the Basic Composition Assignment.  For each of the shots listed in the Basic Composition Assignment, use a character as your main subject for the shot.  Film the character doing something in the shot (do not have the character move around).  Have them talk on their cell phone, drink something, read a book, but have them engaged!  Do not allow the character to buzz the camera!  (looking straight into the camera lens). See a finished example of the film composition assignment here.

  4. Editing in Premiere
    Follow the instructor's demonstration on how to use Premiere while you create your own Movie Trailer using clips from other Trailers. Your Movie Trailer must include: clips from all of the trailers, a sound track including one downloaded sound clip, custom titles, video and audio transitions, and an end credit.

  5. The Door's Stuck
    Storyboard a short film of someone who can't get through a door. How does your character try to overcome this issue?  Keep the video to one minute or less.  

  6. Film Vocabulary Crossword
    Complete the Film Vocabulary Crossword.  Do you know the meaning for each of the terms? Use the Screen Capture Tutorial to help you with handing in this assignment.

  7. Basic Camera Moves for Film
    When a camera moves in film, it moves for a specific reason.  In this presentation, your instructor will cover ten of the basic camera moves and why you should use them.  The Basic Camera Moves Handouts are provided for you to look at for review.  Once you have seen the presentation, complete the Basic Camera Moves Assignment.  Your character's in these shots may be in motion (for a pan or truck shot) or motionless (say for a dolly in).  Have the character's in a natural state and reflecting the intention of the camera move. 

  8. Making Mood Music
    We can create our own music using Adobe Audition to help with pace and mood in our movies. Use the Audition Music Tutorial to learn how to get started.

  9. Dialogue Video Tutorial
    Learn the basics of shooting dialogue in this How To Shoot Dialogue Scene Tutorial.​

  10. Dialogue Scene
    In this assignment you will watch your instructor give a small presentation on character interaction. Then, use the Character Interaction Script, and the Character Interaction Shot List, and storyboard the action.  Go out and shoot the Character Interaction; all shots in the Character Interaction Shot List must be included in the film. 

  11. Film Project I 
    For your Film Project, you are to produce a  PSA film no longer than 1 minute. ​Read the Film Project Outline for more details. Once you have your concept and film group created, you  can pitch your film here.

  12. Film Project II
    Time to demonstrate what you have learned about filmmaking. Open the film project Movie in a Minute Outline. Read through it and then complete the Online Pitch for your film project. You will have 5 days to complete this project and hand it in.

  13. Film Project III
    In this project, you will create a trailer for the movie Terminator.  You will need to download the Terminator Footage to get started. Your trailer should be at least 30 seconds and include a full sound track.

  14. Export Your Final Video
    To export and hand in your final video, please use the Adobe Premiere Export Tutorial.

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