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Check out some of these awesome student made games produced in Media Design 10.


The following games were created by students in Media Design 10. Each game differs greatly in complexity, design, game play, and completeness. To play a game, click the game, click on the Game Name web link - the flowlab game site will load.


You play as a 6 year old boy find paintings and search for clues who are you and why is everything so dark. Arrow Keys To Move. Click The Button on alerts. T to full screen.


Era's End: In an ancient world of ninja and samurai, two of the largest clans, The Jonin and The Hashira clashed. They went into an all-out war for 5 years straight. Now, near the end of the war, the leader of the Jonin and Hashira meet for the final battle to end the war. Play as either one and fight till the end.
Left Character - WASD to move. C to block, E to punch, F to kick
Right Character - Arrow keys to move. M to punch, N to kick, B to block
Fight your opponent until one dies

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