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There are many forms of animation, most of them involve an amazing amount of patience and time. In this unit, we will explore animation using the process of Stop Motion - frame for frame capture using a webcam.​

  • Unit Assignments and Project:

    1. Stop Motion Overview
      Before you begin to animate, it's worth taking  the time to gain a knowledge of the process of building a stop motion animation. What the animated short film "You Callin' Me Old?" and then complete the Stop Motion Questions Assignment.  You will find further information in the Explanation Of Stop Motion Wiki site.

    2. Your First Animated Shot - The Wave
      Create a character waving at the camera in a Medium Shot. Export the movie and hand it in.

    3. Character Walk Cycle
      Walk cycles are a key element in animation and relate to many of the Principles of Animation. Watch this Lego Movement  Tutorial and then complete your own walk cycle based on what you have learned. 

    4. Character Run Cycle
      Now that you know how to create a walk cycle, come up with your own run cycle.

    5. Gymnastics Move
      Now it's time to get really creative. Think about how your characters can move (and their limitations) and come up with a gymnastics move.

    6. Ease In, Ease Out
      One of the main Principles of Animation, is Ease In, Ease Out.  Ease In, Ease Out can really help sell your animated characters movement and it's also important to know when not to use it. Watch the video tutorial " Movement In Animation: LEGO Tutorial." Then animate a character hitting a wall using Ease In, Ease Out. For a more advanced technique, consider when not to use Ease In, and Ease Out.

    7. Visual Effects and Tricks
      Learn how to add cool visual effects and create a short shot with your choice of effect! Then, watch this video "How to make LEGO fly and jump." Then complete your own character jump using Photoshop.

    8. Stop Motion  Vocabulary Crossword
      Complete the Animation Vocabulary Crossword. Do you know the significance of each of these words? Use the Screen Capture Tutorial to help you with handing in this assignment.

    9. Animation Project
      Create an animation, no longer than 2 minutes, that incorporates what you have learned above and includes an interesting but limited plot. Read the Animation Project Outline.

    10. Sound in Premiere Pro
      A good sound track will make your animation significantly better. You should have sound all the way through your short film. Review the Sound in Premiere Pro tutorial and then create your sound track for your movie.

    11. Export your Animated Movie
      Once you have completed your editing of your animation, export your film by following the Export in Adobe Premiere Tutorial. Make sure you watch your finished film, and then hand it in.

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