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All film students are expected to create a site showcasing their filmmaking. Film 12 and Independent Film students create their site and maintain it at the beginning of the course, Film 11 students create their site at the end of the course.


Film 11 students are expected to use their EduBlog for their filmography (create a new page for the content). Film 12 and iFilm students may use: EduBlog, YouTube, Wix or any other approved website building app for their Filmography.

Note on Security: please use a password to secure your films or, in the case of YouTube, keep the film "unlisted." You should also notify your cast that the content is Online.

All Filmography Sites should:

  • ​Should showcase the films created for class

  • Include a filmmakers statement

  • Looking pleasing asthetically

  • May include other film content: created for assignments, other classes or independent filmmaking

​ ​
Filmmaker's Statement:

Create a statement to introduce yourself as a filmmaker. Include a photo of you or your filmmaker logo. The statement should be displayed first at the top of your page. I'm looking for at least one paragraph that may include:

  • Why did you take this course?

  • What did you learn in the course?

  • How do you feel about filmmaking?

  • What was challenging about the course?

  • What were your favourite film and why?

  • What inspires you as a filmmaker?

  • How will you use filmmaking skills in the future?

​ ​
Film 12 and iFilm Students need to include:

  • ​A display space for your film badges. This may include your banner or a picture viewer. Badges come in large and icon sizes.

  • A display space for your movie posters.

  • A links section that includes any film student's filmography site that you worked with on a film.

Hand In Filmography

To hand in your Filmography, use the form below. Copy and paste the link in the message section; you may include any other important information there as well (eg: film password). Please use your school email address.

Once you have published your filmography, copy the URL and submit it here.

Thanks for submitting!

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