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Visual Effects

This page contains the Film 12 unit on Visual Effects. Follow the lessons, from top to bottom, rendering your finished examples as you complete each lesson. Hand in the finished renders for credit.



Visual Effects are a part of mainstream filmmaking. Often, the audience is unaware that they are looking at an effect. Thanks to modern technology, you don't need to be a huge studio to produce solid effects! 

For each of the following tutorials, use the materials provided to create your own version of the effect; then render and save it for handing in purposes. You will need the Timesquare Footage for each of the following tutorials. Render the final version and  hand them in to the Digital Hand In Folder.

1. Fancy Text Tutorial

Learn the basics of composing, keyframing and rendering by completing the Fancy Text Tutorial.

2. Render in After Effects

Once you have completed your editing in After Effects, you will need to render it to bring it into Adobe Premiere. Complete the Render Tutorial using your fancy text composition above and hand in the video clip.

3. Greenscreen Action

You are better off handling greenscreen in After Effects using Keylight. Shoot footage of yourself on the greenscreen and then key out the green using Keylight. What you choose to put behind you is up to you. To key out the greenscreen try using this Comprehensive Keylight Tutorial first and apply it to your own greenscreen example. Render your final version and put it in my hand in folder.

4. Choose Your Own

Now research 1 more After Effects on the Internet and complete it using your own material.

Bonno-Campfire Shot.jpg
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