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Unit 4

Cinematography is the art and craft of making motion pictures by capturing a story visually. In this unit, we will explore the basics of filmmaking and editing as you produce several film shorts.


1. Final Film Project (group)

Final project time. Here's your chance to shine! Review the Final Project Outline to start your best film work! Start by filling out the Pitch A Project form for approval by your instructor.  See the Final Film Grading Rubric for how this project will be evaluated. Export and hand in your final version.  
For you final film, you may find these pre-production resources helpful:
-Steps In Making A Complete Film
-Shot List Sheet​
-Story Web

2. Film Compilation Website (individual)

Your Filmography Site is a compilation of all your film work in this course. Your site must include all 4 of your film projects (minimum). You may include other film work like assignments if you want. This is an individual assignment - you hand in your own site! To get started, please see the Filmography Tutorial site for more information.

3. Movie Poster (individual)

Your group is also responsible for creating a movie poster.  It can be from any of your 4 films, preference for films that have been shown and/or won at a film festival.  Here is a great site for movie poster design - 26 Designs Of Movie Posters.​

4. Scene Analysis (optional)

As an optional assignment, you may choose to complete the Film Analysis Assignment. Pick apart of a scene from your favorite movie and demonstrate your film knowledge.

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