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Unit 2

Cinematography is the art and craft of making motion pictures by capturing a story visually. In this unit, we will explore the basics of filmmaking and editing as you produce several film shorts.


1. Script Writing For Film

In this demonstration, you will learn how to use CelTx, a script writing template for Word by the BBC. Afterward, you will write a short screenplay using the dialogue provided for practice. See the Screenplay example for more hints on how to correctly format your scripts.  Read the Screenwriter's Tips notes for helpful hints on script writing. Watch the live recording of intro to script writing here. You can download the older version of Celtx, here.

2. Acting: An Introduction

It is essential that you experience the process of acting before you try and direct other actors.  Take a look at the Acting: Introduction Assignment.  Work with a partner and act out the scene two different ways; that is, using the verbs sheet, have each of you portray your character twice using different verbs for how your character will try and achieve his/her goal.  Once you have rehearsed both approaches, act out the skit twice in front of your instructor. Check out the 5 Points for Acting document for further information on making  believable performances.

3. Acting For Film

Review the following mini-video lessons on Acting For The Camera.  Once you've reviewed all of them, go out and practice each with a partner, recording the results on camera.  Use the Acting For Film Assignment sheet to make sure you finish all of them.  Export and hand in your final version.

4. Birthdays And Other Traumas

Watch the short film Birthdays And Other Traumas​ by Katie Yu. Then respond to the Birthday And Other Traumas questions with thoughtful responses. Use specific examples from the film when appropriate.​​​

5. Example Film Shoot - Forest Gump Park Bench Scene

In this instructor led demonstration, you will learn the basics of shooting a dialogue scene. After the film shoot, learn how to sync your audio and fix the levels. Once you have completed the film shoot, you will edit what you have trying to emulate the original. Refer to the Forest Gump Script to reference the line order. View the original Forest Gump scene here.

6. Character Interaction

In this assignment you will watch your instructor give a small presentation on character interaction. Then, use the Character Interaction Script, and the Character Interaction Shot list, and storyboard the action.  Go out and shoot the Character Interaction; all shots in the Character Interaction Shot list must be included in the fi​nal film. Export and hand in your final version.

7. Video Tutorial

Learn the basics of shooting dialogue in this How To Shoot Dialogue Scene Tutorial.​

8. Story Structure in Narrative

Watch your instructor's lesson on Story Structure in Short Film. Keep a copy of the Lesson Notes and review them. After the lesson you will be provided with a collection of story components (plot goal, protagonist, etc) - use the 3-Act Structure Worksheet and come up with an original storyline. Then, pitch the story electronically to your instructor.

9. Sound Track  - Music

Learn how to create your own movie music using Adobe Audition and music loops. Audition Tutorial, you'll put together music for various movie genres.

10. Advanced Audio Design

Editing audio is both technical and creative. A great sound track will make your movie better; likewise, ignoring audio design can ruin a film. In  this instructor led demo you'll put together a short scene riddled with audio issues. Download the Audio Fix Files and decompress them to your My Documents.

11. Project #2: Single Location Dialogue

In this project you will apply what you have learned to create a single location dialogue film short. Click on the Project 2 Outline for more details. Start by filling out the Pitch A Project form for approval by your instructor. Check out the film project marking criteria to see how you will be graded. Start this project by filling out the Pitch A Project form for approval by your instructor. Export and hand in your final version.

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