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3D Modeling

In this unit, you will learn how to create basic models, including a character model, for Unity. Follow each of the Online video tutorials while you create your own model in Blender 2.8 or above. Be sure to follow the tutorials in order as they build upon each other. Blender is available for free, you can find it for download here.


Basic Introduction To Blender

Nintendo Game System (Advanced)
​Time to try something more advanced. In the Nintendo Mesh tutorial​, I will show you how to create the shape of the NES system. In the Nintendo Textures tutorial,​ you'll learn how to add images to all the mesh faces for the details of our model. You will need to download and save the Nintendo-Maps.jpg​ to our Blender Nintendo model folder. 

Blender Robot Build

  1. Pelvis
    ​Start off by building the pelvis of your model using the Pelvis Tutorial.

  2. Upper Leg
    ​Create the left upper leg using the Upper Leg Tutorial.

  3. Lower Leg
    ​Create the lower leg using the Lower Leg Tutorial.

  4. Foot
    ​Create a foot using the Foot Tutorial.

  5. Torso
    The torso of the robot is shown in the Torso Tutorial.

  6. Arms
    The arms are created in the Arms Tutorial.

  7. Head
    Learn how to create the head and neck in the Head Tutorial.

  8. Rocket Pack
    Add the rocket pack to your model in the Rocket Tutorial.

  9. Color
    Learn the basics of color in Blender and how to add color for game models using the Color Tutorial.

  10. Render An Image
    Let's export an image to see how it looks with shading, shadows, and lighting. Use the Render Image Tutorial to create an exported image and hand it in.

  11. Rigging I
    Rigging enables your character to be animated and move in your game. Use the Rig One Tutorial to get started.

  12. Rigging II
    Finish off the rigging for your robot using the Rig Two Tutorial.

  13. Export Your Robot
    In order to use your robot in Unity, you need to export it. Use the Export Robot Tutorial to complete the model for use in Unity.

NES - Louwrens.png
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