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You will find the 3D Game Design 12 introductory assignments on this page. 


1. Careers in 3D Game Design

​In this short Careers Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint of a specific career in animation. Follow the Careers in Animation Assignment Outline for details. You are not presenting this PowerPoint, you will just submit the finished PowerPoint for grading purposes.

2. 3D Game Review

Reviewing games is a popular and even rewarding part of the Game Design Industry. Indeed, many people make a living off of reviewing new game releases.  Read the Game Review Assignment Outline. Then select one of the games provided by your instructor and in Microsoft Word, write your review. Your review should be one page, include graphics and screen captures of game play, and include some sort of custom rating system (you come up with it). Here are some professional reviews to help you with page layout and formatting: review01, review02, review03. This year's Game to Review is Ezmore's Crystals (Below). Take a look at this site, How to Write A Video Game Review, for some tips and hints.

1. 3D Scavenger Hunt

In this group, Online game play, you are to seek out the following items and screen shot them. Put the screen shots in a Word document, label them and hand it in at the end of class. Here's what you are looking for:
- An 'Alternate Route' (non-linear level design) - provides for more navigation options 
- A Map Objective (prioritization) - success and failure based scenerios
- A Puzzle - making players think about how to solve an issue (keys, secret paths, traps, etc)
- A Fallen Hero - just for fun
- A Fallen Foe - more fun
- High Vantage Point (positioning) - there is an advantage to being able to see from above
- Sniper Position (possibility space) - spots are setup to allow for better site lines while concealing the player
- A Pinch Point (possibility space) - maps usually move players to a point of interaction
- 3 Types of Enemies (orthogonal unit differentiation) - different play strategies depend on the different attributes on the other team
- Helpful Items (resources) - finding items to give the player an advantage
- Defeat the Leader - you can figure this one out
- Ambush (surprise) - not seeing it coming can be so effective
- Safety in Numbers (strategy) - odds are in favor of greater numbers
- Something Funny - for humour​

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