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The design of your character(s) for your story is key to successfully creating an animation that appeals to a wide audience. Spend some time thinking about what makes a character appealing and try and include as many of these 'traits' in your own model.


1. Character Study (Cos-Play):

Select a character from an animation of your choice (favorite character?) and create a 2 minute presentation on the following:

  1. Who is this character and why is she/he significant?​

  2. Why did you select this character? What is the character best known for?

  3. What are the mannerisms/characteristics of this character and how are they portrayed in the character's design?

  4. How are those characteristics portrayed in the character's animation/actions?

  5. You may show a very short clip exemplifying your character (30 seconds)

2. Introduction to Blender: Nintendo Game System

​Time to try something more advanced. In the Nintendo Mesh tutorial​, I will show you how to create the shape of the NES system. In the Nintendo Textures tutorial,​ you'll learn how to add images to all the mesh faces for the details of our model. You will need to download and save the Nintendo-Maps.jpg​ to our Blender Nintendo model folder - see image below.

Click on the right image to bring it up, then right click the large version and choose 'Save Image as' to make a copy.


3. 3D Character Development:

Time to get started on 3D Modeling your character. Follow the above video tutorial to learn the basics of character development. Feel free to make alterations or changes to the model along the way but ensure that you develop a biped humanoid character.

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