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Time to get started on your final animation. By now you should have a concept for your animated short film, polished storyboards, a character fully designed and an understanding of the software used to animate. Now begins the REAL work.



Each week you will be responsible for submitted 2 finished shots for your final animation. The shots should be in movie format, colored or stylized in a vision of your choice, and reflect one of your shots designed in your storyboard. 

You may choose any shot to animate - you do not need to start with shot #1. When you hand in the finished shot, please name it using your name first followed by the shot number. EG:

  • Andrew - shot 7

Your shot number reflects the particular board you have finished for your film (taken from your storyboard). At the end of each week, you will receive a production mark out of 5. If you meet the minimum requirements (2 finished shots), you receive 5 out of 5 for your production mark. 


Application of the Principles of Animation:

In addition to meeting your production quota, you must also submit 5 shots that demonstrate the use of a Principle of Animation (see previous unit). Each of these 5 principles must be different from one another (no duplication) and should be part of your animated film as reflected in your storyboards.  It's a good idea to show your instructor your keyframe images to get feedback before you complete the shot for submission. Please include the name of the principle in the file name. Eg:

  • ​Andrew - shot 7 (squash and stretch)

The principle shots will count both for your production mark and a separate mark for effective use of the principle of animation.

Helpful Tutorials and Links

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